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My First Pinball Tournament

I won $40, and came in 9th in the B bracket at the Chicago Pinball Expo Tournament 2017. Check out the photos. I caught a picture of the guy who sent me home on qualifying day.

I posted my best 6 scores of my 12 qualifying games. Then, it was time. Steve Epstein knocked me out of the winners bracket, and Koi Morris knocked me out overall.

There were some luminary pinball designers, like Lyman Sheats and Roger Sharpe (I talked to him a lot, and learned he was the IRL subject of this Drunk History episode) in the tournament. Lyman had a crazy stance.

My heart was racing the whole time. It was pretty nerve wracking. I did well on Star Wars, Spiderman (first time playing,) and AC/DC (sprprisingly.) Aerosmith was mixed for me, as well as Batman '66.

Like I say. This blog is for me, not yet. So you can complain. I won't care, but I won't stop you from complaining.