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Jersey Jack Reveal of "Pirates of the Caribbean" Pinball Chicago Pinball Expo 2017

I was lucky enough to see the reveal session of JJP's new "Pirates of the Caribbean" machine. This was an amazing launch, and the only properly done launch of the entire Chicago Pinball Expo 2017. From the beginning, the machines were draped in black, ready to go. The house was packed with enthusiasts, and some jealous competitors. Jack kicked it off, turned it to the business dudes, and then Lead Designer, Eric Meunier, shared the story and a preview. The covers were lifted, and real working machines were there, including a full live stream of the session and a live game stream from Buffalo Pinball.

I was lucky enough to get a photo with Jack.

Friday morning, I swung by, and there was no line. I got recorded by Straight Down the Middle. The gameplay video is me. You can see the top of my head a minute in. Then, I saw Eric tinkering with the machine. I work in Product Management/Product Marketing and this was how a launch is done. There was enough leaks to get people interested to feel "in the know" without everything leaking. This isn't a kickstarter operation here, this is a full pro deal. This is how business should be done. Our Pinball Community has a new bar. Congrats!