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Pinball Expo season

I have Thursday and Friday off this week to attend the 2017 Chicago Pinball Expo. I bought the full weekend ticket, so I'll get to see the tour of the Stern Pinball factory on Thursday. No photos allowed in the factory, so I can't get a great shot of a line of "Batman 66" machines. A lot of people are down on that machine, but I thought it was a lot of fun to play at Logan Arcade.

I'm pretty sure I'll enter the tournament, where I will get a depressingly low seed number as a first time tournament player. The top prize is a new Stern pinball machine. If it was me, I'd struggle between Aerosmith and Batman '66. I wasn't a huge Star Wars fan.

I am most excited to see Jersey Jack's reveal of game 4. Everyone is expecting a "Pirates of the Caribbean" game, and I am not "in the know." So, they are probably right, and it's confirmed by all of the usual pinball podcasts.

I'll make a small rant here. The best machine in my collection is my Wizard of Oz. I hope Jack doesn't do anything near Stern again. The Hobbit seems like it was trying to prove Jersey Jack quality was better than Stern's Lord of the Rings. If it's Pirates, what does it prove? There are many, and better themes out there. Stern seems tied with Disney, making, Pirates, Tron, Iron Man, Avengers, Star Wars, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

I would buy a Toy Story, if the rumors are true. But, Stern is awesome at licensing. I just hope Jersey Jack gets the chip off of the shoulder. They make a superior quality product, and don't have to compete with themes that are duplicates. They are awesome in their own way.