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GNR game and minor upgrade

I was playing Guns N' Roses Pinball yesterday, and one of the posts broke. Luckily, I picked up some from Pinball Life before because I didn't like the ones I had.

Here are the new posts. The non tapped ones by the JACKPOT light below. These had 10-32 threaded bottoms, which were larger than the originals. But, with a bit of work, they went in fine.

Compare that clean look to the old ones below. I will order some more of those posts to replace those threaded top ones. The screws aren't doing anything and the flat top is a cleaner look.

So, after the work, you play a game, right. Here it is, on the KeyMission 360 camera.

Scroll around. It's a 360. You can see up my nose.

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