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A great view of a crappy game!

I've been hunting for a Nikon KeyMission 360 camera for a while, but I am too cheap to pay the $499. So, I fired up Metallica and put the camera on. Morgan was next to me playing WOZ. So, here's my first 360 video. You can see me have an awful game of Metallica, and waste 1.1GB of Internet space in the meantime.

I found someone on eBay who sold an open box KeyMission 360 that he didn't want. His eBay mistake was to have a 3 day listing that ended on a Friday afternoon, so I got it for the opening bid. Sweet.

I might have to experiment with the settings, and certainly have the house lights down next time.

I have to take the machines down while I have some work done on the house, so I got in a last game.

#360video #Stern