Introducing: BUZZKILL

Pinball is loud. That's part of the fun. But, extra electromechanical flipper noises aren't fun. So, if you have a machine that's making an annoying flipper buzz when you trap up, check out BUZZKILL.


I got annoyed with the buzz that my Metallica pinball machine developed. I searched the forums and found a solution. Woah, was it ugly. I made a video about it. I didn't want that thing in my machine. So, I created BUZZKILL, the flipper noise reducer.


In under three minutes of installation, this took the buzz off of my pinball machine. There is still a light normal hum from the coil, but the annoying vibration and irritating sound is gone.

Currently, a set consists of four BUZZKILLs, so you can put two on each flipper to reduce that annoying buzz.


If you would like a set, and you are in the USA, Paypal $6.00 for a set (2 for $10)  with your address, and I will mail them to you regular United States Postal Service mail. If you're international, email me, and we'll work something out.